Sunday, August 21, 2016

What makes a good company to invest in and what makes a bad one?

Often times we are inundated with overloads of information that is either irrelevant or just too complicated to really provide any sort of advice.

There are four simple rules that would provide massive returns on your next investment and doesn't require rocket science to understand?

You might be a little skeptical, but I assure you these rules can make the difference between a winning investment and a loser.

By knowing the four cardinal red flags, you will have the tools at your disposal to intelligently and confidently decide whether or not this company is worth your hard earned dollars.

So, what are these four cardinal red flags?

1. If you don’t understand the industry your business is in, then you can’t possibly have a good enough grip on it to own stock in it.

2. Be careful of this one! It’s easy to assume big numbers will continue to be big numbers. Big numbers, as you may know, lead to big valuations. And big valuations can get you in trouble. It’s far better to be realistic. Make conservative assumptions about the future.

3.  Company’s durable competitive advantage. Moats can be deceiving, but this goes back to understanding the business well enough to distinguish between a real and fake moat. Do not invest in a business without a real Moat.

4. And finally, if you don’t have passion and enthusiasm for your business, then you shouldn't own a piece of it, because you’re going to have to keep up with it once you own it. And if you aren’t into the business, you won’t keep up with it. It’s a huge mistake to buy it and forget about it.

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